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Talay Thai: Thai Lunch Specials

I’m always on the lookout for Thai restaurants that I’ve never tried before so Talay Thai has been on my radar in case I ever found myself in the South Granville area.
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Tai Tung Chinese Seafood Restaurant: Baked BBQ Pork Buns for Dim Sum

Tai Tung is a Cantonese-style restaurant located in the Marpole area of Vancouver that we visited in late February. The thing that struck us the most about our visit was how quiet it was for a Saturday morning. Usually, that’s a bad sign since most of the good dim sum places are really busy on the weekends. Perhaps we were just here really early?
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Neptune Palace Seafood Restaurant: Fancy Dim Sum

We only recently noticed that the extravagantly large restaurant located on the 2nd floor of the Marine Gateway complex had changed from Ban Dao Peal to Neptune Palace Seafood Restaurant so we decided to pop in for a visit. The interior is expansive and impressive, right down to the blingy columns and the plush carpeting. The nice thing is that you don’t feel squished in like some smaller restaurants.
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Ban Dao Pearl Seafood Restaurant: High End Dim Sum

Have you ever been to Peninsula Seafood Restaurant? You know, that somewhat overpriced Chinese restaurant located in Oakridge Mall? Well, if you drive about 10 minutes down Cambie, you’ll find their sister restaurant… Ban Dao Pearl Seafood Restaurant in Marine Gateway. Yes, it’s a bit confusing because Ban Dao is Chinese for Peninsula.
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Perak Malaysian Cafe: Marpole Malaysian

Back in mid-August, we came across a newish Malaysian restaurant in Marpole called Perak Malaysian Cafe. I’m not sure if this place is related to Ipoh Bean Sprout Chicken in Crystal Mall but it seems vaguely familiar.
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Pink Elephant Thai (Marpole) – Needs Some Work

Pink Elephant Thai is part of the Thai House group of restaurants that also includes their signature Thai House restaurants as well as Urban Thai Bistro. My impression is that Pink Elephant is going more for the younger crowds who may be more interested in style than anything else. They had recently opened a location in the new Marine Gateway complex, near Dublin Crossing Irish Pub.
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Cafe de l’Orangerie – Japanese Italian Fusion

Cafe de l’Orangerie has been on my list of places to try for quite some time… especially since I enjoy both Japanese and Italian food.
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Penang Delight Cafe (Marpole)

Penang Delight currently has 2 locations in Vancouver… both nestled in seemingly odd residential areas.  I suppose the rent must be cheaper and, if the restaurant is good enough, people will find their way here.

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Flamingo House Chinese Cuisine – Old School Goodness

I found this old draft post that I meant to upload last year but must have overlooked it… so when you’re reading this, please keep in mind that it was done sometime last year.

We’ve been back to Flamingo House Chinese Cuisine time and again ever since we first discovered the place because we’re always fearful that if we stop going, they may go out of business one day.  There have been countless other restaurants that we’ve been to in the past that we really enjoyed but vanished after we stopped going on a regular basis.  I don’t think that we should be too concerned though because they seem to have a pretty loyal following of regular customers at Flamingo.  Read the rest of this entry

Flamingo House Chinese Cuisine – Dim Sum

We recently had a great taro duck dinner at Flamingo House (See our post here) and wanted to go back and try their dim sum.  While we’re a fan of the old-style push carts that they use, the food at dim sum doesn’t meet the same standards as their dinner dishes. Read the rest of this entry

Flamingo House Chinese Cuisine – Taro Duck

It’s been a while since we’ve been to Flamingo House Chinese Cuisine on Cambie Street so we thought we’d bring our nephew along with us.  Flamingo is a very popular restaurant in Marpole… we showed up at 6pm on a Thursday night and there were at least 2 private parties going on.  After 30 minutes, the whole restaurant was practically full. Read the rest of this entry