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Romer’s Burger Bar: What’s in a Name?

While we’ve been to Romer’s Burger many times in the past, it’s been quite a while since we last visited. Their location in SE Vancouver has been around for quite some time but now, with all of the development on the Fraser Flats, getting here and finding parking can be a headache.
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Ikea Restaurant (Coquitlam)

How do you know when you’ve spent too much time at Ikea? Apparently, we bought out of the inventory from their Richmond location so we had to head out to their Coquitlam location to grab the rest of our wardrobe units. I think that makes 3 Ikea restaurant pit stops within the same week.
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Ikea Restaurant (Richmond) – Meatball Madness

For well over a year, the strike at the Richmond Ikea dragged on and on and on. And that was sad news if you were looking for some cheap eats while browsing through the maze-like warehouse. Fortunately, fabled mediator Vince Ready put an end to the strike so you can now enjoy Swedish meatballs for the next 10 years.
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