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Kagetsudō Kaminarimon: Tokyo 2017

Ahhh… Melonpans! One of the main reasons for coming to Japan! If you’ve never heard of melonpans before, you couldn’t be blamed for expecting that these oddly shaped buns would taste like melon. But you’d be wrong! 🙂 No, these baked buns earn their name by resembling the shape of melons (kind of like how pineapple buns get their name because they look like pineapples).
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Baker and Table Cafe: Melonpans!

After our introduction to melonpans during our trip to Japan last year, I’ve been seriously craving these crunchy-topped buns. Recently, I heard that a place on Fraser Street had started selling these in Vancouver and we wound up stopping by after a Lobster Sticky Rice dinner at nearby Ho Yuen Kee.
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