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Fortune House Seafood Restaurant – Dim Sum

Fortune House Seafood Restaurant often gets discounted because it’s located in Metrotown and, let’s be honest, the lineup here can get rather discouraging during the peak dim sum hours.
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Chronic Tacos (Metrotown)

Chronic Tacos recently opened up a new location in the Metrotown food court (in the former Taco Time location).
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Chipotle Mexican Grill (Metrotown) – Healthy or Not?

I’m a bit torn with Chipotle Mexican Grill… one the one hand, I love how you can pick and choose all of the fresh ingredients to make a tasty meal. On the other hand, I don’t delude myself into thinking that it’s always healthy to eat at Chipotle.
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Sekai Udon Bar – Hit and Miss

There was a time when I didn’t really mind the Sui Sha Ya that occupied the location next to the Bay in Metrotown. I remember actually having a really good unagi congee there once. Of course, over time, like most AYCE places, quality went down and we stopped going there. Recently, the tired and dated Sui Shaw Ya has been replaced by a udon bar.
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Cattle Cafe (Metrotown)

While the interior furnishings of the Cattle Cafe near Metrotown is similar to the one on Edmonds (lots of 70’s circle prints), the Metrotown location feels a bit tired.  It was quite busy at this location when we visited at 1pm and it seemed to take forever for our food to come out (we thought they lost our order). Read the rest of this entry

Fortune House Seafood – Dim Sum

Dim Sum at Fortune House Seafood Restaurant can get very busy (and noisy) during weekends… especially around 11am.  That’s why when we visit, we try to come here early.  They actually open at 9am on weekends and it’s much easier to get a table and avoid the mall crowds around this time.

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Burger King (Metropolis) – BK “Big” Fish… Not!

There was a time in my youth when I thought Burger King was really good (relatively speaking of course).  Their signature Whopper seemed juicy and their BK Big Fish actually had a huge piece of fish in it.  I suppose times have changed and so have my tastes. Read the rest of this entry

Kim Bo Ting – Beef and Kimchi on Rice

Sometimes, you just want something simple and comforting to eat.  You’ve had a hard day at work, you’ve been fighting through the masses at the mall trying to get your xmas shopping done, your feet are hurting, and you just want something that tastes good in your tummy. Read the rest of this entry

Ramie’s Greek Restaurant

I’ve mentioned a few times before that Ramie’s is our go-to place for Greek food near our place.  While we’ve dined in this small little restaurant on Kingsway before, more often than naught, we opt for take-out.

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Jang Mo Jib (Burnaby) – Expensive Korean Food

I’ve been thinking of trying Jang Mo Jib for a while now… it’s actually located pretty close to Meok Ja Gol on Kingsway in the old Knight & Day location.  The restaurant itself is pretty big with large murals on the walls. Read the rest of this entry

Red Robin (Metrotown) – Prime Chophouse Burger

With all of the new “premium” burger joints opening up like Romer’s Burger Bar, Five Guys, and Max’s Burgers, it’s easy to forget that places like Red Robin have been serving a wide selection of burgers for years. Read the rest of this entry

Szechuan Chongqing Restaurant (Burnaby)

Imagine our surprise when we were driving along Kingsway a while ago and noticed that they opened up a Szechuan Chongqing Restaurant on the corner of Nelson and Kingsway.  A sister restaurant to the Szechuan Chongqing locations on Commercial Drive and the one on Robson Street, this particular location is rather tiny (serving as various bubble tea joints, chinese restaurants and a Brownie’s Fried Chicken in the past). Read the rest of this entry