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Taco Luis (Lansdowne Centre)

Taco Luis currently has two locations serving up tasty tacos and bountiful burritos… their location in Oakridge Mall and the one in Lansdowne Centre. Read the rest of this entry

Chipotle Mexican Grill (Alderwood Mall)

The drive back from Portland, OR to Vancouver, BC was a long, tedious journey along the I-5 (unlike the winding, scenic route that we took a few days previously down the coast on our way to Portland). Feeling a bit groggy, we needed to stop for a quick bite and wound up in Alderwood Mall, just outside of Seattle in nearby Lynnwood.

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Mucho Burrito – Taco Revisit

On our last visit to Mucho Burrito for tacos, we found that they were made quite sloppy and with so much liquids that it was impossible to eat properly.  It’s been a while since that last visit so we thought it was a good time for a revisit.

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Ole Ole Mexican Deli

Ole Ole Mexican Deli has been on my list of restaurants to try along the 12th Street corridor in New West for a long time.  I’ve actually tried to stop by for lunch previously but they weren’t open so I kept this place in mind for a future trip.

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Taco Bell (Guildford) – Spicy Chicken Crunchwrap

It feels like eons since the last time we were at Guildford Shopping Centre… and for good reason.  Living and working on the north side of the Fraser River means I rarely have a reason to cross one of the overcrowded bridges. Read the rest of this entry

Taqueria Playa Tropical

So, I was listening to some ABBA before lunch and felt the need for some Mexican food.  How does a Swedish pop group translate into Mexican food you might ask?  Well, the song that I was listening to was “Fernando”. Read the rest of this entry

Taco Time (Brentwood Mall)

I think I have a problem… for some reason that I can’t explain, I’m hooked on the bright, neon orange “cheese” that Taco Time slathers on their mexi fries deluxe.  I know, it’s a sickness.

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Cartel Taco at the Waldorf

As I mentioned on my last post on Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck, The Waldorf has been holding an East Van Food Fest every Sunday.  It was super hot the week that we visited with very little shade (save for the large parking lot billboard that was casting a narrow but pleasant shadow). Read the rest of this entry

Chronic Tacos (New West)

If you’re looking for a laid back place to pick up some Mexican-style fast food, Chronic Tacos might be the place for you.  The interior of this American-based franchise is a little too Ed Hardy-esque for my liking (I think my retinas are still recovering from all of the bright red walls). Read the rest of this entry

Taco Time (Lougheed Mall)

I think I’m in a bit of a rut… each time I stop by a Taco Time (like at my visit to the Metrotown Taco Time)  I always grab the same thing. Read the rest of this entry

Taco Luis (Oakridge) – Taco Salad

Taco Luis has had an outlet at Lansdowne Centre for a while and has been a favourite place for us to pick up a great taco salad so we were pleasantly surprised to see that they opened another store in Oakridge. Read the rest of this entry

Taco Time (Metrotown)

Have you ever seen the Seinfeld episode called The Calzone?  In one part, Mr. Steinbrenner tells George that he ate turkey chili in a bread bowl for lunch everyday from 1973 to 1982… “First you eat the chili then you eat the bowl.  There’s nothing more satisfying than looking down after lunch and seeing nothing but a table.”

I have the same affection for a taco salad.  The taco salad at Taco Time at the Metrotown food court comes in a shallow but large crispy tortilla shell.  It’s got all of your major food groups… meat, veggies, carbs, and cheese and you can eat the bowl!  In fact, it’s practically heresy if you don’t eat the taco bowl. Read the rest of this entry