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8 @ Doneras: Middle Eastern in New West

8 @ Doneras is a small little donair shop located on Eighth Street in New Westminster, across from Douglas College and in the same complex as Rong Rong Tea House. I’m often surprised at how good food can be at these little nondescript places.
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Shawarma Corner: Tasty Donairs

I’m always up for a good shawarma… whether you call it shawarma, gyro, or donair – there’s something about grilled meats on a spit that harkens back to a time when people used to bbq dino burgers on an open flame.
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Abdul’s BBQ: Dry Shawarma (Déjà Vu)

Occasionally, I get asked how I got involved in writing a food blog. My answer is usually the same… I’m getting old. But more to the point, I like to try different places when I eat out and sometimes I can’t remember whether or not I’ve eaten somewhere before and whether or not the food was good (because I’m getting old). So it’s mildly ironic that I wound up at Abdul’s BBQ at Crystal Mall.
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Leila’s Donair Town: Donairs in New West

Leila’s Donair Town is a tiny shop located on 12th Street in New Westminster, close to the Burnaby border, which serves up donairs, falafels, and shawarmas.
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Taza Falafel House: Shawarma

Back in 2014, I visited a little hole-in-the-wall burger shop in New Westminster called Burger Burger. The burgers were pretty good but the shop closed up not too long after. Afterwards, I noticed that a middle eastern falafel place took over the location but I just haven’t found the time to visit until just recently.
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East is East (Kits) – Poetic Cuisine

Taken from the first line in Rudyard Kipling’s poem, The Ballad of East and West, you could be forgiven for taking the phrase out of context.
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Nuba Cafe (Mount Pleasant) – Lamb Kibbeh

With all of the bakery shops that I was visiting in early December, I felt like I needed to eat something a bit more healthy. Nuba seemed like the perfect choice so I headed down to visit the Mount Pleasant location, just a half block west of Main St.
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Donair Star – New West Hole-in-the-Wall

Donair Star is a tiny hole-in-the-wall located on 12th St. in New West.  From the outside, it doesn’t look like much… but then, most donair places are like this. Read the rest of this entry

Paradise Donair

I was originally planning on trying out Ole Ole Mexican Deli for lunch one weekday in April but was disappointed when they weren’t open.  Fortunately, I knew that Paradise Donair was located pretty nearby so I decided to give them a try.

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Abdul’s BBQ – Shawarma in Crystal Mall

Abdul’s BBQ is a hot shawarma joint located on the outer ring facing Kingsway.  And by “hot” I mean sweat-off-the-brow oven  hot.  Seriously, it was a hot day in July when I visited Abdul’s but it still felt like a furnace inside… probably due in part to the 3 large vertical spits that they had going. Read the rest of this entry