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Mongo Bongo Mongolian Grill

Mongo Bongo is a popular Mongolian Grill style restaurant located near 6th and 6th in New Westminster.  The interesting thing about “Mongolian Grill” style restaurants that serve stir-fried meats on large open grills is that it really has nothing to do with Mongolia or their food.  Instead, it’s based on a concept started in Taiwan (similar to Japanese teppanyaki) and attributed with the term “Mongolian” with a colourful backstory to enhance the marketing.  Read the rest of this entry

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot (Burnaby) – Good Food, Service… Not So Much.

When I saw the signs for the new Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot go up in the former Sammy J Peppers location across from Metrotown, I was quite anxious to try it out… but it seemed to take forever until it opened.  We finally managed to visit the place in early December (after waiting a month or two to allow them to work out any grand opening kinks). Read the rest of this entry

Mongolian Little Sheep Hot Pot – Good Food, Poor Service

I’ve been re-reading some other blog posts of Mongolian Little Sheep Hot Pot (located in Lansdowne Mall) and I was surprised that many people said that they had good service.  After the experience that we had last Monday, I feel a little gypped.  I might go back and try them out in the future because the food was pretty good… it’s just that the service that we received was pretty sad. Read the rest of this entry