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BKH Jerky – Singaporean-Style Jerky

After our dim sum visit to Fraser Court Seafood Restaurant, we walked over to BKH Jerky to pick up some of their famous Singaporean-style jerky.
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Marulilu Cafe – Japanese Breakfast

Marulilu Cafe has been on my wishlist for quite a long while… and it’s not for lack of trying. I’ve actually tried to come here twice before but they were closed on both occasions.
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Congee Noodle House – Disappointing

I must admit that I’ve always confused “Congee Noodle House” located on Broadway with “Congee Noodle King” located on Kingsway. And while it’s true that they serve the same type of food and they’re both quite busy, they’re not exactly the same.
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Zipang Provisions

Zipang Provisions is a modern Japanese restaurant located along Main St (ie. Hipster Central). From the outside, you would hardly imagine that it’s a Japanese restaurant and looks more like one of the many hip bars in the neighbourhood.
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Menya Japanese Noodle – Nagahama Ramen

Menya Japanese Noodle has been located at the corner of Yukon and West Broadway for years and I’ve passed by it countless times wondering if it was any good. During the hectic xmas shopping rush, I found refuge here and was quite pleased by the company and the food (as the ramen really warmed up my chest).
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Nuba Cafe (Mount Pleasant) – Lamb Kibbeh

With all of the bakery shops that I was visiting in early December, I felt like I needed to eat something a bit more healthy. Nuba seemed like the perfect choice so I headed down to visit the Mount Pleasant location, just a half block west of Main St.
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Swiss Bakery – Frissant

If you’re looking for a Cronut™ in Vancouver, you might be out of luck since that croissant-doughnut name is trademarked. Instead, you can head down to Swiss Bakery and pick up a Frissant – a portmanteau of “fritter” and “croissant”. It’s hard to believe that the whole process of making these yummy creations of fried laminated dough takes 3 days – perhaps that’s why these go so fast.
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Miura Waffle Milk Bar

I’ve heard many good things of Miura Waffle Milk Bar. But because it used to be located downtown, I never had the chance to try them out. So when I heard that they moved to Main Street, I decided to try them out the next time I had a waffle-itch.

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Seb’s Market Café – Elk Benny Breakfast

Seb’s Market Café has been serving up tasty creations on the corner of East Broadway and Carolina since 2004.  I’ve had my eye on this place for a long time because they open early for breakfast (6:30am M-F and 7:30am on the weekends) and I’ve been having trouble finding early morning breakfast locations on the weekends. Read the rest of this entry

Lucky’s Doughnuts – Chocolate Old Fashioned and Coconut Bismark

“Wanna get lucky?”… before you get the wrong idea, I’m talking about Lucky’s Doughnuts.

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Lucy’s Eastside Diner – Angry Birds and the Three Little Pigs

Are you looking for a good old-fashioned greasy spoon diner?  You don’t have to go very far because tucked into a little nook on Main Street is Lucy’s Eastside Diner.  This 24-hour restaurant really has that diner vibe going on – right down to the old-fashioned tabletops that look like they haven’t been changed in decades and the 80’s music playing in the background.  Read the rest of this entry

Lucky’s Doughnuts

One of my new favourite spots for doughnuts in Vancouver is Lucky’s Doughnuts inside the 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters on the corner of Main and 13th.  Their hand-crafted designer doughnuts are made fresh from scratch and are almost too gorgeous to eat… almost. Read the rest of this entry