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Grand Crystal Seafood Restaurant: Dim Sum and Lobster Sticky Rice

One of the things that we’ve missed a lot during the pandemic is going out to enjoy dim sum.. I don’t mean the crowded restaurants or the loud din from the hustle and bustle of the kitchen mixed with the incessant tableside conversations that sounds more like screaming matches instead of civilized discussions. No, it’s mainly about the food.
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Z&W Shanghai Kitchen: Mui Choy Kau Yuk and Xiao Long Bao

In mid-March, right before the whole coronapocalypse closed up all of the restaurants in town (other than take-out), we dropped by Z&W Shanghai Kitchen on West Broadway, near Arbutus. For the longest time, this location used to be the home of an all-you-can-eat Japanese place. Upon walking inside, we immediately noticed the improvements to the decor… including the elegantly adorned wall.
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Rong Rong Tea House: Home-Cooked Taiwanese Food

On one of my frequent jaunts down to New Westminster, I noticed a tiny hole-in-the-wall restaurant across from Douglas College called Rong Rong Tea House. Intrigued, I made a point to visit here on a future occasion.
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Golden Eats Seafood Restaurant: Lobster Sticky Rice

It seems like everywhere you go nowadays, Chinese restaurants are offering lobster sticky rice. If you’ve never had this before, it’s exactly what it sounds like… a big serving of sticky rice with lobster. Sticky rice is a serious comfort food and lobster just kicks up the luxuriousness of it all.
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Dinesty Dumpling House (Burnaby)

Dinesty Dumpling House recently opened last December across from Metrotown… which is a good thing because there’s a lack of good XLB places in the neighbourhood. Sure, there’s Xu’s in Crystal Mall (which has some of the better XLBs around) – but who wants to fight through that crazy Crystal Mall parkade?
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Top Shanghai Cuisine – Worst. Service. Ever.

Ok, the thing that you’ve got to know about most Chinese restaurants is that you can’t expect much in terms of service. So when you run into a restaurant which makes all of the other Chinese restaurants look like 5-star contenders, that’s saying a lot.
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Come Along Seafood Restaurant – Dim Sum and Dinner

Come Along Seafood Restaurant is a busy Chinese restaurant along the same Kingsway block as Phekda Chinese Restaurant. I’ve been here both for dim sum and also for dinner with very different service levels.
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Wen Xin Chinese Restaurant – Mui Choy Kau Yuk

I’ve driven by Wen Xin Chinese Restaurants literally thousands of times over the past few years. Located across the street from Makoto in Burnaby, Wen Xin is a tiny restaurant.
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Lucky Noodle Chinese Restaurant – Mui Choy Kau Yuk

You would think that with a name like Lucky Noodle, the restaurant would specialize in noodle dishes. I pass by this stretch of Kingsway almost every day but have just recently started to try out some of the local restaurants (partly because my former go-to spot, Rose Garden, changed a couple of years ago).
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Mui Garden (Victoria Drive) – Braised Pork Belly with Preserved Veggies

How do you describe a HK Style Cafe to someone that’s never been to one before? “Fusion” seems to be a little too haughty as this term seems to have been co-opted by some restaurants that aim to take advantage of the naivety of hipster patrons. No, the eclectic nature of the dishes offered often seems more random than anything else. Read the rest of this entry

Shanghai River – Dim Sum

In all honesty, I don’t really consider this visit a “dim sum” post despite coming here during the usual dim sum hour.  Sure, we ordered Shanghai Steamed Pork Dumplings (Xiao Long Bao) – but you have to order these if you ever dine at Shanghai River.  People (including us) order this signature dish at dinner time too because it’s just so gosh darn good. Read the rest of this entry

Yu Kee BBQ Kitchen – What’s in a Name?

You know, with a name like “Yu Kee” they better make some pretty tasty food.  When I first saw the name of this place, my immediate thoughts were “yucky?”… seriously?  Okay, I know that’s not how you pronounce the name – but in either case, the food is actually really good.

Yu Kee is located in the Killarney Centre mini mall (the same complex as Columbus Restaurant and Wally’s Burgers) and operates as both a BBQ kitchen (where you can purchase various cuts of BBQ meat like duck, chicken, and pork) and a full-fledged restaurant.

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