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Isami Sushi: Revisit in Burnaby

I’ve been looking forward to revisitng Isami Sushi after previously trying their sashimi and nigiri sushi in mid-2016. This time, however, I wanted to try some of their other dishes to see how they compare.
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Hayashi Sushi: Solid Japanese Eats

Hayashi Sushi is located in the Columbia Square Plaza in New Westminster. The interior is adorned with paper lanterns and they have one side of the restaurant equipped with booths while smaller tables make up most of the seating in the middle of the restaurant.
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Gyo-O – The Fish King

Gyo-O is tiny little Japanese restaurant with an unusually high ceiling.  They’ve taken advantage of this extra space to put in a huge mural on one wall as well as decorating the remaining walls with wooden blocks covered in kanji.

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Umi Sushi Express (Richmond Centre)

For the longest time last year, they were renovating the food court at Richmond Centre – it seemed like it would never be finished.  We had made a stop by the mall just before Christmas time last year to do some last minute shopping and decided to check out their new “dining terrace”. Read the rest of this entry