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Sennariya (Kuromon Ichiba Market): Osaka 2017

If sushi isn’t your thing and you find yourself in Kuromon Ichiba Market, all is not lost. They also grill up pretty much any kind of seafood that you can imagine. Sennariya is one such shop where you can find grilled seafood.
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Maguro Entoki (Kuromon Ichiba Market): Osaka 2017

We enjoyed our previous visit to the Kuromon Ichiba Market so much that we knew that we wanted to come back for a revisit before we headed off to Tokyo. Originally, we were going to try some more sushi from Kuromon Sanpei but, for some reason, they opened a bit later than the other stores. Instead, we headed to nearby Maguro Entoki which had a good selection of nigiri available.
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Kobeya Yakiniku (Kuromon Ichiba Market): Osaka 2017

The Kuromon Ichiba Market in Osaka is not just a place where you can find tasty seafood… they also have a good selection of fresh Kobe beef and Wagyu beef. What’s the difference you may ask? Well, all Kobe beef is Wagyu but not all Wagyu beef is Kobe. In other words, Wagyu beef refers to Japanese cattle while Kobe beef is a particular strain of Wagyu beef that’s raised in the Hyogo prefecture (Kobe is the capital of Hyogo).
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Kuromon Furusato (Kuromon Ichiba Market): Osaka 2017

Snacks abound at the Kuromon Ichiba Market and Kuromon Furusato is a stall where you can find an endless supply of deep-fried foods.
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Marusho Suisan (Kuromon Ichiba Market): Osaka 2017

Kuromon Ichiba Market is a popular covered market in Osaka (along the same lines as Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo). For my money, I much preferred Kuromon over Tsukiji but let’s focus on Marusho Suisan for the moment. Now, you’re not going to see an English name for this shop.
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