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Deer Garden Signatures (Burnaby): Malay Laksa

Deer Garden Signatures is a popular Taiwanese-style noodle house chain that recently opened a location in Burnaby. I first visited this location in early June and have since had a couple of revisits.
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Peaceful Restaurant (Kingsway): Hand-Dragged or Blade-Sheared Noodles

Peaceful Restaurant is a popular noodle house chain which recently opened a new location on Kingsway. Surprisingly, the inside of this location isn’t too small (a pet peeve of their Broadway location).
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Cattle Cafe (Edmonds): Crispy Pork Chops on Ramen

After being located near the corner of Kingsway and Edmonds for a few years, the Cattle Cafe has recently reopened a short distance away on Edmonds (about a block away from Canada Way).
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Benkei Ramen: Miso Ramen

Okay, so this post is a bit late… about 10 months late. In that time, Benkie changed their menu a bit, closed down, and is finally gearing back up to reopen next week. Benkei Ramen is a busy little ramen shop on West Broadway, near the Cambie Skytrain Station. We were lucky that we arrived around 11:30am because diners quickly filled all of the seats by noon.
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Jinya Ramen Bar (Metrotown): Worth the Visit?

Okay, before I do any ranting on this post of the new Jinya Ramen Bar in Metrotown, I will have to admit that we visited in early September when they had just opened the prior week. Amazingly, the lineup was quite long when we arrived (and we arrived just before they opened).
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Marukame Udon (Hawaii 2017): Nikutama Udon

Our last meal in Waikiki this year was appropriately at one of our favourite spots… Marukame Udon. If you haven’t enjoyed their special Sanuki-style udon noodles, you really haven’t lived.
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Goma Tei Ramen at the International Marketplace (Hawaii 2017): Char Siu Ramen and Curry Loco Moco

Goma Tei Ramen is a Japanese noodle house that’s located on the top floor of the newly renovated International Marketplace in Waikiki. For those that remember the former International Marketplace as a dizzying array of Hawaiian trinket and souvenir shops, you’re in for a big surprise when you come back here. While they’ve saved the large banyan tree, the marketplace itself is quite modern now and resembles many of the other upscale outdoor shopping malls in Hawaii.
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Neptune Wonton Noodle (Burnaby): Carb Overload

Neptune Wonton Noodle is a chain restaurant that recently opened up in Station Square. The interior is quite spacious so you don’t really feel too cramped like many other wonton noodle joints.
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Udon No Shikoku (Tokyo 2016): Shibuya Tokyu Department Store

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Ippudo Asakusa ROX (Tokyo 2016): Tonkotsu Ramen

You can’t talk about Japanese food without mentioning ramen. This quintessential comfort food touches the heart of many people so it shouldn’t be a surprise that Japan has quite a few of these ramen shops, each one serving a slightly different version.
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Marukame Udon (Hawaii 2016) – Oodles of Noodles

Ever since our first visit to Marukame Udon, we’ve made a point to come back to this udon joint every time we come to Waikiki. This isn’t your ordinary udon… line ups for Marukame is legendary.
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Kamamarui Ramen & Don – Chashu Ramen

Nothing makes me happier than a big bowl of noodles! Kamamarui is one of those ramen locations that has a very limited menu offering
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