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Tour de Feast: Croque Madame

Tour de feast is a tiny little restaurant located in the Lynnmour area of North Vancouver that serves up French-inspired foods. It’s probably been a good two years since our last visit here.
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Toby’s Pub & Grill (North Van): Brunch in North Van

As the name would suggest, Toby’s Pub & Grill is a – wait for it – pub and grill joint with locations on Commercial Drive in Vancouver and Main Street in North Vancouver. In this post, I’ll be talking about the North Van location which we visited for brunch on a couple of occasions.
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Honey Doughnuts and Goodies

There are very few things that are more satisfying after a long hike than gorging yourself on some decadent treats. Fortunately, if you find yourself in Deep Cove after a hike up to Quarry Rock, there’s just such a spot.
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Gelato Express (Deep Cove) – Mango Gelato

There’s no hiding the fact that Deep Cove is a very touristy spot.
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Arms Reach Bistro – Coconut Curry Mussels

Back in late June, we decided to take a hike up to the very popular (read: busy) Quarry Rock in Deep Cove. We generally don’t visit Deep Cove much due to the difficulties finding parking in the area.
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Tour de Feast – Brunch

Tour de Feast is a tiny little French restaurant on the North Shore. Now that I think about it… most French restaurants that I know are tiny.
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McDonald’s (Lynn Valley)

I’ve written before about my tendency to turn my McDonald’s Big Breakfast meals into a Super Terrific Happy Big Breakfast McMuffin.
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Valley Sushi – Unassuming Spot in Lynn Valley Village

Valley Sushi is a medium-sized restaurant located in Lynn Valley Village. Finding ourselves hungry in the area, we decided to stop by and grab some eats. It’s rather unassuming from the outside but the interior seemed clean and inviting.
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The Village Table – Brunch on the Outskirts of Deep Cove

The thing that I don’t enjoy about Deep Cove is the parking. If you try to head here during the weekend, the place is packed and almost impossible to find parking. It’s too bad because I miss the enormous, greasy doughnuts from Honey Doughnuts.
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C-Lovers (North Van) – AYCE Fish & Chips

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Tamarind Hill (North Van) – Escape From the North Shore

If you’ve ever seen a zombie apocalypse movie, you’ll have an inkling of what we went through one early March weekend on the North Shore.  But before we get to that, let me explain why we were in North Vancouver in the first place.

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Honey Doughnut and Goodies – Maple Bacon Doughnut

[Start of PSA] So, I just got an email from someone at Health Canada asking me to help people become aware that March is Nutrition Month (read more about it here).  I figured what better way to accomplish this than by having a week long theme of the healthiest foods you can eat?  First off, we’ll talk about doughnuts and then we’ll move onto pies… [End of PSA]

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