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My Toan (Oakridge Centre)

My Toan is a little Vietnamese food stall located in Oakridge Centre. I’m probably dating myself here… but I remember back when Oakridge was an open-air mall.
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Tony’s Beef Noodle

Tony’s Beef Noodle is a tiny little ghetto/hole-in-the-wall Taiwanese noodle shop across from Oakridge Centre. Despite being small, it was quite busy during our visit.
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Saint Germain Bakery (Oakridge) – Macaroons or Macarons?

Did you know that you can get French-style macarons at Saint Germain Bakery?  Is it “macaron” or “macaroon”?   I always think of a macaroon as those small little coconut cookies you get at Safeway.

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Fortune Restaurant – Dim Sum

Fortune Restaurant (not to be confused with Fortune House Seafood in Metrotown) is in a bit of an odd location at Oakridge Mall.  While there is an outside entrance on Cambie Street, the easiest way to get into the restaurant is through the mall parking lot.  Even if you’re in the mall, the best way to get to the restaurant is through an out-of-the-way door (next to the movie theatre) that leads to the parkade.  Read the rest of this entry

Taco Luis (Oakridge) – Taco Salad

Taco Luis has had an outlet at Lansdowne Centre for a while and has been a favourite place for us to pick up a great taco salad so we were pleasantly surprised to see that they opened another store in Oakridge. Read the rest of this entry