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WildTale Olympic Village: Solid West Coast Eats

Having been a fan of the food at The Flying Pig, I’ve been looking forward to trying WildTale for quite some time as it was opened by the same chefs. Actually, the WildTale in Olympic Village is just a stone’s throw away from The Flying Pig on West 2nd Ave.
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The Flying Pig (Olympic Village) – Breakfast

I’ve been to The Flying Pig before for brunch and always enjoyed their Deviled Jumbo Chicken Drumettes.
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The Flying Pig (Olympic Village) – Brunch Time

Let me just say that, if I ever see an actual flying pig, I’m sure that I’d run the other direction. It’s kind of scary if you think about it. Fortunately, the only flying pigs around here are the 3 locations of The Flying Pig restaurant.
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