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Sushi Taku: Solid Take-Out Options

The corner of Joyce and Wellington (near the Joyce Skytrain Station) seems to be the Bermuda triangle for restaurants… I’ve seen numerous restaurants come and go in this one spot. It’s a shame because I’ve liked most of the past restaurants.
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Edo Mirakuchaya Sora Machi Tei (Tokyo 2016): Sashimi and Rice Bowl

Tokyo Skytree is really a sight to behold… this building is the tallest structure in Japan at 634 metres and they have an observation deck that can see all the way to Mt. Fuji on a clear day. After taking in the magnificent views from the top of Skytree, we went looking for some lunch in one of the buildings attached to the Skytree complex.
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Sushi Well (New West) – Pink Sushi Rice

Sushi Well is the new name for Okonomi Sushi. I had previously visited their location on 6th Street in New Westminster, but I think that particular outlet has sinced closed. When I visited their Columbia & 4th Street location in early January (entrance is on 4th St), they still had their old name on the outside of the restaurant.
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Victoria Sushi – Revisit

As I mentioned on my last visit to Victoria Sushi, you couldn’t be blamed for driving right past this little sushi joint and not knowing that it was even there.
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Kojima Sushi – Solid Japanese Eats in New West

Kojima Sushi is located on busy 6th Street in New Westminster, next to Hon’s Wun-Tun House.
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Marulilu Cafe – Japanese Breakfast

Marulilu Cafe has been on my wishlist for quite a long while… and it’s not for lack of trying. I’ve actually tried to come here twice before but they were closed on both occasions.
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Zipang Provisions

Zipang Provisions is a modern Japanese restaurant located along Main St (ie. Hipster Central). From the outside, you would hardly imagine that it’s a Japanese restaurant and looks more like one of the many hip bars in the neighbourhood.
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Aotoya Blue Door Japanese Restaurant – Hit and Miss

What, pray tell, is behind the blue door? Well, we’re in Vancouver so the odds are it’s a Japanese restaurant.
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Ikoi Sushi – Japanese Run Sushi Place in Sapperton

I’ve kind of run out of interesting restaurants within close proximity of my work place so I’ve been branching out to the relatively close Sapperton area of New Westminster lately. While I’ve driven down East Columbia many times in the past, I’ve never noticed Ikoi Sushi before… probably because it’s located at the far end of a tiny strip mall.
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Take Sushi – Tuna and Mango Salad

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Victoria Sushi – Hidden Gem in New West

Victoria Sushi is a wonderful hidden gem located on Royal Avenue East in New West (just east of McBride).  I don’t call it a hole-in-the-wall because the interior is actually pretty nice with comfortable seating, dark wooden tables and red-padded chairs.  On my visit in February, the flat screen on the wall was locked onto the Olympics.

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Black Dragon Sushi

Black Dragon Sushi recently opened up in the now defunct Happy Day Metro location trading off Korean for Japanese fare.  The interior decor has also changed a bit with red bright red booth seating accenting the black marble-like tables. Read the rest of this entry