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Kimura – Kimura sans Kimura-san

Kimura was widely known for their special omakase meals where the diners “leave it to the chef” to decide on the dishes.  As it turns out, I’ve heard that there was a change of ownership back in May of this year and Kimura-san is no longer at this restaurant.  In any case, I’ve never been a trusting type… so we wound up picking the dishes that we wanted to try.

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Kenzo Japanese Noodle House

I’ve often seen Kenzo Japanese Noodle House as I drive past it on Kingsway but from the reviews, I couldn’t really tell if this was a Japanese or Korean place… not that it really matters. Read the rest of this entry

Genji Japanese Restaurant

Genji Japanese Restaurant has been around for a couple of years and I’ve often wondered how.  Located in the Market Crossing shopping area (near the Marble Slab Creamery), this spacious Japanese restaurant always seems to be empty whenever we pass by. Read the rest of this entry

Makoto Japanese Restaurant

Makoto is a nice little sushi shop in Burnaby that I haven’t been to for years.  I forget why I stopped going here… maybe it’s because they only accept cash (or debit). Read the rest of this entry

Tomoya Japanese Restaurant

Tomoya Japanese Restaurant is located at Kingsway and Nelson next to Lao Shan Dong (and no, I’m not a big fan of Lao Shan Dong).  It’s a fairly small restaurant but has an interesting interior with bold red and dark brown colours throughout. Read the rest of this entry