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Ebisu (Broadway): Royale Boat Dinner

Ebisu (and their sister Kamei restaurants) has been around Vancouver for quite some time and this particular location, despite being tucked away from the bustling Broadway corridor, is still quite busy. The interior is fairly large but the tables are arranged in a cozy layout and the windows along West 8th gives you a nice view of the north shore mountain range.
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Sushi Gen Restaurant: Hidden Sushi Place in Burnaby

Sushi Gen is a bit of a hidden sushi restaurant as it’s tucked in a mini mall behind Lougheed Town Centre, right next to the Red Robin. This is actually the same mini mall that Green Leaf Cafe recently opened up in (which is how I found Sushi Gen).
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Toku Japanese Restaurant: Unagi Don and Tempura

Toku Japanese Restaurant is located in Lansdowne Centre, directly across from Earls (on the north side of the mall). It’s a surprisingly large restaurant with high ceilings and call buttons located on the tables (similar to what you’d find at many Korean restaurants). Being the polite and reserved Canadian people that we are, we didn’t even try to use the call buttons during our meal but we didn’t have to as service was pretty good and it was easy to get the attention of the servers.
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Tairyou Ichiba: Hits and Misses

Tairyou Ichiba is a fairly busy Japanese restaurant located on Kingsway in Burnaby. From the outside, the main identifying aspect is their large wooden door, which seems to be a hold over from the last Japanese restaurant that occupied this location (Kura Japanese). Like Kura before them, Tairyou Ichiba (Japanese for big fish market) has a fairly extensive menu to choose from.
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Sushi S: Hit-and-Miss in Burnaby

Sushi S is located in a busy mini mall located on the southwest corner of Willingdon and Moscrop. I’ve often passed by this location but steered clear due to how busy the crowded parking lot seems to get.
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Ki Sushi – Unremarkable Sushi in New West

Ki Sushi is located across from the New Westminster Skytrain station on 8th Street. They have a fairly small parking lot but there’s plenty of street parking nearby.
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Black Dragon Sushi

Black Dragon Sushi recently opened up in the now defunct Happy Day Metro location trading off Korean for Japanese fare.  The interior decor has also changed a bit with red bright red booth seating accenting the black marble-like tables. Read the rest of this entry