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The Deluxe Chinese Restaurant: Deluxe Dim Sum

The Deluxe Chinese Restaurant lives up to their name. This modern looking restaurant is located in Richmond on the corner of Browngate and No. 3 Road. The ultra tall ceilings, well-appointed interior, and multi-panel large screen tv are the first things that hit you when you enter. Arriving around 10:30am on a Sunday, there were a moderate number of diners here but we managed to secure a table (there was a lineup by the time we left).
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Dinesty Dumpling House (Burnaby) – Revisit

I mentioned previously that I was happy that they opened up a Dinesty Dumpling House in Burnaby… so I figured I’d better make the most of it and come back for a revisit. This time around, we wanted to try some of their other dishes.
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