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Yue Restaurant: Dim Sum in Richmond

Weekends are made for dim sum (guess it’s the Chinese equivalent of brunch). We decided to check out Yue Restaurant in mid-August. This well-appointed restaurant is located in a little mini mall in Richmond and has a couple of private rooms in the back.
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Fortune City Seafood – Okay Dim Sum

Fortune City Seafood is a large Chinese restaurant located on the top floor of the complex at 1st and Renfrew. As with most Chinese restaurants located in mini mall complexes, I detest the parking (or maybe it’s just the other drivers that I detest).
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Chong Lum Hin Seafood – Dim Sum

Chong Lum Hin is your typical old-school Chinese restaurant located in New West.  Given that New West doesn’t have a big selection of dim sum places, Chong Lum Hin is a pretty good alternative.

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