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Mon Ami Gabi – Paris Hotel (Las Vegas): Outdoor Dining

Mon Ami Gabi is one of the more well-known restaurants located in Las Vegas. With the looming Eiffel Tower replica overhead of the outdoor patio, it’s not difficult to imagine that you’re in a street-side café in Paris (well, aside from the countless drove of tourists walking along the sidewalk). You’ve also got a view of the Bellagio fountains across the street (while the fountain show isn’t scheduled to start until 3pm during the weekday, you’ll occasionally get to see an impromptu display when they test the fountains – something that surprised us).
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Sushi Street – Paris Hotel (Las Vegas): What’s in a Name?

It happens to us all the time… we make plans to try and eat somewhere and something goes wrong. Specifically, we were looking to grab some Japanese food while we were in Vegas and I had already scoped out a target that was located right in our hotel called Sekushi. The online menu and pictures all seemed good. The only problem is that we couldn’t find the darn place. We wandered around and around the casino and hotel area looking for Sekushi but couldn’t find it anywhere.
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