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Wild Thyme: Makanek Manoushe

After gushing about this hole-in-the-wall Lebanese joint in New West, I finally brought my sweetie here for lunch.
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Trattoria Italian Kitchen – Pizza for Breakfast

I’ve spent many years eating pizza for breakfast but it’s usually just leftovers from the night before and not freshly baked pizza.
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Bella Pizza – The All Dressed and Masterpiece

Bella Pizza has been a staple in Burnaby for a number of years and has been one of our favourite spots to grab a freshly baked pizza.
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Steveston Pizza Co. – The Princess Pizza

Steveston Pizza is known for their outrageously creative pizzas… pictures of their elaborate and ornate pizzas litter social media feeds everywhere.
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Boston Pizza (Collingwood) – The Boston Royal

Hmmm… am I the only one who thought that Boston Pizza actually started in Boston? Turns out that this franchise actually started in Alberta, Canada back in the sixties.
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Pizza Hut (Kingsway and Gilley) – Crazy Cheese Crust

Does anyone remember those Pizza Hut frisbees that they used to give away back in the 70’s? That was back when most of the Pizza Hut locations were dine-in restaurants with the distinctive “hut-like” roof.
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Bella Pizza (Burnaby)

A number of years ago, Bella Pizza was our go-to place for pizza but it’s been a long time since we’ve ordered from here.  The thing that always had us coming back was the fresh toppings.  I think I even remember doing a marketing project on pizza places back in school and Bella was the clear winner. Read the rest of this entry

Me-n-Ed’s Pizza Parlor (Burnaby)

Me-n-Ed’s Pizza Parlor is a throwback to the pizza parlors that I remember as a kid… back when people used to eat at pizza joints instead of just ordering pizza to-go.  The inside of the Edmonds location is quite spacious with lots of roomy booths and plenty of room for a large party.

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GrassRoots Pizza vs. Avalanche Pizza (Whistler)

I guess it goes without saying that a town like Whistler (that’s built on the snowboarding community) would have a ton of pizza joints littered around the village.  After all, if you’ve got the munchies after a day of snowboarding (or whatever else an unnamed Olympic Medallist does in his spare time), nothing hits the spot better than a slice of pizza. Read the rest of this entry

Roman Ristorante – Traditional Baked Lasagna with Bechamel Sauce

We’ve been getting flyers in the mail for Roman Ristorante (located on Kingsway) for a long time but we’ve never been able to try them out.  The first time we tried coming here, they wound up being closed but we made sure we kept it in mind to try eventually.  The restaurant is pretty small – at most 7 tables and, when we stopped by for take-out one night, a bit chilly.

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Panago Pizza (Tyne Street) – Thin Crust Pizzas

Say what you will about Panago Pizza but they really have their operation put together well.  Their pizzas may not be the best in the Lower Mainland but they are consistently fresh and tasty.  You can get any of their pizzas on a thin crust – which is our favourite right now.  Read the rest of this entry

Columbus Restaurant – Everything But The Waitress

On an earlier post for Columbus Restaurant, we had tried their Chef’s Mistake pizza which was chock full of toppings.  This time around, we decided to go for broke and get their Everything But The Waitress pizza. Read the rest of this entry