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Da Ono Hawaiian Foods (Hawaii 2018): Traditional Hawaiian Eats

If you’re looking for more traditional Hawaiian dishes in Waikiki, you’ll probably want to head over to one of the many small hole-in-the-wall places which serves up meaty and filling meals fit for a king. One such famous place in Waikiki was Ono Hawaiian Foods which we had the chance to visit back in 2015. Since our last visit, it seemed like the old kitschy Ono Hawaiian Foods had closed down but has been reinvented into the new Da Ono Hawaiian Foods.
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Ono Hawaiian Foods (Waikiki 2015) – Traditional Eats

If you’re in Oahu and you’ve had enough of the beach, you can head over to Ono Hawaiian Foods to get some classic Hawaiian eats. This is a tiny little restaurant that’s become quite popular over the years.
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