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La Brass: French Bistro in Point Grey

Picking a nice restaurant to go to during the end of the year is a bit difficult because so many restaurants are fully booked for the holidays. I actually wanted to try La Brass during the weekend but they were all full so we dropped by for lunch during the weekday instead.
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Burgoo (Point Grey): Comfort Food

Burgoo is the place to go to when you’re craving some real comfort food. Pretty much everything on their menu spells out dishes that warm and fill your belly like mac & cheese and chicken pot pie. They don’t just focus on one region of cuisine either… they have Mexican, Thai, French, British, American, etc… as long as it’s comfort food, you’ll find it here. While they have 5 locations around town, this visit was to their Point Grey location on W 10th Ave.
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Baru Latino: Rockfish Ceviche with Crispy Patacones

Ever since our trip to Portland last year, we’ve been on the search for quality Cuban food in Vancouver. Unfortunately, there’s a distinct lack of Cuban restaurants in the area so we’ve been expanding our search to various Latin cuisines. That’s how we found ourselves at Baru Latino on Alma Street this summer.
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