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Sushi Q Tea Cafe: Homey Eats

Sushi Q Tea Cafe has been around for a while now but I’ve always been hesitant on visiting in the past because I never really knew what it was… is it a sushi place? Is it a bubble tea place? Well, I finally took the plunge and visited in late September.
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Sansei Seafood (Seattle): Happy Hour

Sansei Seafood (and their sister restaurant DK Steakhouse) have been two of our favourite restaurants whenever we head over to Waikiki. As a matter of fact, we had just posted about our happy hour adventure at Sansei Seafood in Waikiki just recently. So when we heard that there was a Sansei in Seattle (just a hop, skip and a jump away from Vancouver), we knew that we wanted to try them out the next time we were in the area.
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