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Iwona’s Pierogies – A Dumpling by any Other Name

If you’ve ever driven down Twentieth Street in New Westminster, you know that there always seems to be a lineup of cars waiting to merge onto the Queensborough Bridge. It was during one such lineup that I noticed a small little shop advertising pierogies.
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Grilled Cheese Grill and Euro Dish (Portland) – Food Carts

One place that we knew we had to try during our visit to Portland wasn’t a specific restaurant. Rather, it was the food cart scene. Portland is renowned for the number of food carts that they have (approximately 600 compared to Vancouver’s roughly 100 food carts). But does more mean better?

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BJ Bakery – Polish Bakery and Deli

I have to tell you, I was surprised to find that I couldn’t locate an Urbanspoon listing for BJ Bakery when I came home today.  Located in a little mini mall with a 7-11 and a vet clinic on Royal Oak, it’s only a few doors down from Elite Bakery, Makoto Japanese Restaurant and Georgio’s Cafe & PizzeriaRead the rest of this entry