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Tangram Creamery: Frozen S’mores

This past August, we came across Tangram Creamery who had a food stall located at the Powell Street Festival. I’ve heard of their shop located on Arbutus Street in the west side of Vancouver but we’re hardly ever in that area so we were fortunate to come across their tent.
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Powell Street Festival – 2013

August 3rd and August 4th is the 37th annual Powell Street Festival this year at Oppenheimer Park which celebrates Japanese Canadian heritage. Read the rest of this entry

Powell Street Festival 2012

Quick!  The Powell Street Festival is only open for one more day!  After Sunday, you’ll have to wait another year before enjoying all of the wonderful food items at the various booths. Read the rest of this entry

Powell Street Festival 2011

The Powell Street Festival is celebrating it’s 35th year this weekend at Oppenheimer Park and celebrates the Japanese Canadian arts, culture, heritage, and more importantly… has a number of great food stands.

There are three things that we usually go for when we hit the Powell Street Festival:  takoyaki, sushi cones, and sweet corn on the cob.  Unfortunately, this year has been a bit of a let down… the takoyaki has been replaced by Osaka balls and there were no sushi cones. Read the rest of this entry