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Ask For Luigi – Tagliatelle

We came to Ask for Luigi for lunch on a February weekend and wound up waiting for quite a long time until we got a free table. I guess that says a lot about how popular this place is… even on the sketchy side of Chinatown.
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Ask for Luigi

Luigi? Luigi!?!? Where are you? Hmmm… I’m starting to sound like a little Italian plumber. Okay, enough of that… Ask for Luigi is a tiny restaurant located on the corner of Gore and Alexander, about a block away from Sunrise Market.
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Belgard Kitchen – Good Eats in Historic Japantown/Gentrified Railtown

If you’re looking for good eats in an interesting locale, you only have to take a detour to Japantown (or Railtown if you’re going for the newer, gentrified moniker) to find Belgard Kitchen on the corner of Dunlevy Avenue and Alexander Street. It’s interesting to note that, at one time – before Japanese restaurants really took off in Vancouver during the 80’s, the only Japanese restaurants in the city were located along nearby Powell Street. After the Japanese internment during WW II, Japantown never really recovered.
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