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Van Thai: Fairly Solid Thai Dishes

Last year, I did a round of all of the Thai restaurants in the New Westminster area and I was pleasantly surprised by some of the shops. Earlier this year, I noticed a newish Thai spot that opened up on Carnarvon St (near the Skytrain station) called Van Thai. The interior is spacious but a bit on the dark side with minimal decor (partly due to the dark wood coloured chairs, tables, and chair railing).
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Penang Bistro: Solid Malaysian Food

We’ve always been a fan of Malaysian food. That’s why it’s surprising that we’ve never heard of Penang Bistro on Fraser before (on the same block as Earnest Ice Cream). Based on the name, I wasn’t sure if they are related to Penang Delight… but they do seem to share some similarities.
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Banana Leaf (Kits) – Lunch Tasting Menu

While there’s five different Banana Leaf locations, until recently, our visits have been limited to their West Broadway location.  Wait, I should be more specific because they have 2 locations on West Broadway… I mean the one in the Fairview areaRead the rest of this entry

Kaya Malay Bistro

Kaya Malay Bistro, located near A Taste of Vietnam along West Broadway, is a relatively new restaurant that has opened up.  Never one to pass up a good roti, when we found ourselves in search for some lunch in Fairview, I couldn’t help but stop by. Read the rest of this entry