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Atlas Steak+ Fish: West Coast Bouillabaisse and Chili Rubbed Cowboy Rib Steak

In late 2017, Atlas Steak + Fish took over the former location of EBO in the Grand Villa Casino to bring us an upscale steak and seafood house centred around their specially designed, mesquite-fueled, Josper grill.
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The Keg (Still Creek): Rib Steak and Billy Miner Pie

Say what you will of The Keg (and yes, I’ve had many sketch things happen at various Keg locations), when they get things right, they’re a pretty good steakhouse for the value that you get.
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Gotham Steakhouse – Bone-In Rib Steak

I love me some steak! So I finally got to try out Gotham Steakhouse in December and have to say that the food was pretty good.
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d.k. Steak House (Waikiki 2015) – Dry-Aged Goodness

Back in August, we visited Waikiki and had the best meal at d.k. Steak House. For some reason, I must have forgotten to write up this blog entry… which is a shame because it was the best steak that I’ve ever had.
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The Keg Steakhouse + Bar (Alberni St) – Rib Steak, Chicago-Style

The Keg recently opened up a new location last year in the Shangri-La Hotel on Alberni. This 2nd floor location is rather interesting as the restaurant and lounge are split into two sides with separate patios (the lounge patio has a view of Alberni and the restaurant has a view of West Georgia).
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Keg Steakhouse and Bar (New West) – Mushroom Madness

My choice for dinner is usually the same when I hit the Keg.  Over the years, I’ve tried many of their other items… from the prime rib to the sirloins and the chicken dishes.  But I always find myself coming back to the rib steak.  Read the rest of this entry

The Keg Steakhouse (Yaletown) – Dine Out 2012

It might seem a bit strange to pick The Keg for a Dine Out night… usually, you would think that this is the perfect chance to try out restaurants that you’ve never been to before instead of going to a chain restaurant but the price point for The Keg’s Dine Out offering was too good to pass up – $28 for appy, entrée, and dessert.

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The Keg Steakhouse & Bar – Burnaby

While you can get steak at most western restaurants nowadays, sometimes it pays to go to a steakhouse when you’re craving a well-made steak.  The Keg is a very family-friendly steakhouse and one of it’s main drawbacks is due to it’s popularity… It can get quite loud during peak times with all the families, dinner parties, and dining going on.  If you’re looking for a quiet place to enjoy your steak, this is not the place for you. Read the rest of this entry