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Shiang Garden Seafood Restaurant

The one thing that always seems certain when going for dim sum in Richmond is that parking is always a concern.  Even when space is plentiful, you’re still at the mercy of bad drivers or people who insist on backing their minivans into parking stalls (I’m not against backing into a parking space per se but if it takes you more than 2 tries… maybe you shouldn’t bother). Read the rest of this entry


Kam Do Bakery – “Old Lady Cakes”

After hitting up Bob’s Submarine Shop in Richmond, I noticed the bright signs of Kam Do Bakery across the street (next to the Shoppers Drug Mart at Richmond Centre).  This location is much more convenient than their other location on Alexandra Road since it is so close to the Brighouse Canada Line station. Read the rest of this entry

Mongolian Little Sheep Hot Pot

When it’s cold and dreary outside, there’s nothing better than hot pot for warming up the soul.  Fortunately, there’s quite a few hot pot restaurants located around the Lower Mainland where you can get your fix.  Mongolian Little Sheep Hot Pot is conveniently located in Lansdowne Mall in Richmond. Read the rest of this entry

Bob’s Submarine Shop – Quintessential Dive in Richmond

The title says it all… Bob’s Submarine Shop IS the quintessential “dive” in Richmond.  Located across from the New Town Bakery in the same strip mall as Excelsior, Bob’s is open early in the morning for breakfast… which is why I came by on a Saturday morning. Read the rest of this entry

The Apron – Breakfast at the Westin Wall Centre

The Apron is a chic little lounge/restaurant located just off the lobby of the Westin Wall Centre in Richmond and was previously extolled for being graced by the presence of creative Executive Chef Hamid Salimian.  Chef Hamid has since returned to Diva at the Met (see our post here) so no doubt, some of the menu items have changed since then. Read the rest of this entry

Flying Beaver Bar and Grill

After a quick visit to the Ikea in Richmond, we were looking for some good lunch offerings but didn’t feel like Asian because we were just at Cattle Cafe the previous day.  I know, Richmond isn’t the best place to be if you’re looking for non-Asian restaurants but I had a place in mind. Read the rest of this entry

The Buffet at River Rock – Unlimited Chocolate Covered Bacon

The Buffet at River Rock is a sprawling 260 seat restaurant located on the 2nd floor above the River Rock Casino in Richmond… gotta love the spiral escalator – reminds me of the one they have at Caesar’s Palace in Vegas.  Read the rest of this entry

White Spot (No.3 and Ackroyd) – Smashbrowns and Frittata

I honestly can’t remember how we found ourselves at the White Spot at No. 3 and Ackroyd in Richmond for breakfast – I’m thinking it was probably related to the flood restoration that we were dealing with at the time… sigh! Read the rest of this entry