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Cactus Club (Richmond Centre): Nothing New Here

Late last year, Cactus Club opened up in Richmond Centre. This popular chain restaurant (similar to Earls, Milestones, and Joeys) reinvented themselves years ago from the kitschy cow-themed decor to a more stylish offering with waitresses that are garbed in tight black dresses. We recently found a need to head over to Richmond Centre and noticed that they blocked off a section of prime parking spaces so Cactus Club could offer special VIP parking ($6 for Cactus Club patrons or $12 for Richmond Centre shoppers). Something about that just didn’t sit right with me given the already busy parking situation here.
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GoodAh Grill – Grilled Skewers at the Mall

We were down at Richmond Centre for some early xmas shopping in November and stopped by the food court for some much needed sustenance. I think they actually did a pretty good job of redesigning the food court here.
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Tropika (Lansdowne)

Tropika used to be located in Aberdeen Centre before it, and Northern Delicacy, were closed down for failing to pay their rent.  While not the best Malaysian restaurant in the Lower Mainland, it does fill a void when you’re hankering for some roti.

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Vina Vietnamese (Richmond Centre)

Many years ago, a Vina food stall was my first introduction to to Vietnamese-style food.  Now, after experiencing real hole-in-the-wall Vietnamese restaurants, I can still appreciate the food from Vina.

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Thai Express (Richmond Centre) – Tom Yum

When Thai Express first opened in malls, I was very pleased with the quality of their food (especially considering they are food court stalls).  As with many places, however, times change and so does the food. Read the rest of this entry

Umi Sushi Express (Richmond Centre) – Disappointing Revisit

It’s interesting how less than a year ago I had a post on Umi Sushi Express in Richmond Centre and things seemed to have changed for the worse. Read the rest of this entry

Crêpe Delicious

Crêpe Delicious is one of the largest mall-based crêperies and has recently started expanding into BC with this location in Richmond Centre. Read the rest of this entry

Bourbon St. Grill – Chinese Cajun

I’ve never been to “New Awlins” before so I’m not sure if the food served at Bourbon St. Grill is representative of their cuisine.  I’m guessing that there are aspects to this food court stall in Richmond Centre that probably relate but it’s like comparing the food at Manchu Wok to Chinese food. Read the rest of this entry

Froshberg Gelato

Froshberg Gelato is a new mall-based franchise outlet serving up a variety of gelato flavours – their latest location being in Richmond Centre’s new Dining Terrace next to the other dessert-themed Pinkberry. Read the rest of this entry

Umi Sushi Express (Richmond Centre)

For the longest time last year, they were renovating the food court at Richmond Centre – it seemed like it would never be finished.  We had made a stop by the mall just before Christmas time last year to do some last minute shopping and decided to check out their new “dining terrace”. Read the rest of this entry

Shi-Art Chinese Cuisine – Dim Sum

We’ve walked past Shi-Art Chinese Cuisine whenever we head down to Richmond Centre but we’ve never ventured in until recently.  Our dim sum didn’t start out too well but it did get better as the meal progressed. Read the rest of this entry

Koryo Korean BBQ (Richmond Centre) – Jumbo Combo for Jumbo Appetites

Korean restaurants tend to be a bit on the expensive side and the same can be said of their fast food counterparts.  Take, for example, Koryo Korean BBQ located in the Richmond Centre food court (which has free wi-fi).  At $9.99, their Jumbo Combo is one of the more expensive dishes in their menu but you really do get a lot of food.

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