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Bun Cha Ca Hoang Yen: Special Fish Cake and Vermicelli in Soup

It seems like I’ve been waiting pho-ever to try this place out… Okay, go ahead and groan… that was a bad pun. As their name implies, this Vietnamese restaurant is well known for their specialty pho… a fish cake noodle soup (bún chả cá).
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Little Minh’s (Formerly Most Valuable Pho): Vietnamese Food in Burnaby

In early April, we noticed that a new Vietnamese restaurant called M.V.P had opened up recently in the Market Crossing complex on Marine Drive in Burnaby. I was a bit confused by the name at first until I learned that it stood for Most Valuable Pho. As things turned out, they had to change their name at the request of their landlord (because there are other competing tenants that also serve pho)… hence their new name… “Little Minh’s”.
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Linh Café – Brunch

Linh Café is a cute little French/Vietnamese bistro in Kits that occupies the former Café Régalade location. In fact, the current owner, Tai Nguyen, previously worked at both La Régalade (in West Van) and Café Régalade previously – two restaurants that I’ve always been fond of. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Tai also worked at Mistral French Bistro since that was one of our fav French bistros before it closed down.
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