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Hyack Sushi: All Hype or All That?

Anyone who has spent any time around New Westminster will probably be very familiar with the word “Hyack”. Originating from the Chinook jargon for quick, fast, or hurry up, the term has been adopted by various New Westminster area groups such as the 1861 volunteer fire department, the “Hyack Company #1”, the “Hyack Band” that performed during the May Day celebrations, and the popular annual “Hyack Festival”.
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Minami – Revisit

It’s difficult to believe that our last visit to Minami was well over a year ago. On our recent dinner visit, we didn’t realize that it was the same night as the “CandyTown” winter festival in Yaletown… the entire Mainland street was packed with revelers and costumed-gingerbread people.
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