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Mitra Canteen: More Effort Needed

Been having some serious cravings for donairs/shawarmas lately (ever since that time when our fav donair shop was closed when we got there). So, when we found ourselves in the Mt. Pleasant area of Vancouver, we decided to try grabbing some donairs from a place that we’ve never been to before… Mitra Canteen.
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Kilimanjaro Snack House: East African Street Food

We stopped by in mid-June to a small little shop called Kilimanjaro Snack House. Here, they serve an assortment of east-African goodies to tempt your tastebuds. Our original reason for stopping by was to try their samosas but we wound up ordering a bunch of items (some of which, aren’t on their regular menu).
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Safari Snack House & Grill: Samoas and Kebabs

Safari Snack House is a tiny little shop located in a mini mall on Canada Way. I came here around noon for lunch on a weekday and found that it was quite busy… especially with people coming for take-out orders.
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