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Elisa Steakhouse: Seafood Plateau

Earlier in the year, I started to notice a bunch of posts for a new steakhouse in Yaletown called Elisa. Brought to you by Toptable Group (the same company responsible for Blue Water, Araxi, and West), I made sure to bookmark it for a future visit.
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Chambar – Dine Out Vancouver 2012

It’s difficult to believe that our first experience at Chambar was at Dine out Vancouver 2011.  We were so enamored by the succulent mussels that we had that night that we often thought about coming back.  The only thing that kept us away for so long was the location (we try to stay away from going into downtown at night when we don’t have to).

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Cactus Club (Byrne Road) Bar Time

Normally, we prefer to eat in the dining room… there’s more room and it’s not as noisy.  Tonight, it was pretty busy and we didn’t feel like waiting 30 minutes for a table so we decided to eat at the bar.  We usually only go to the Cactus Club on Byrne Road for lunch (see our previous entry here) so we decided we should try some of their dinner entrees tonight. Read the rest of this entry