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Liuyishou Hotpot (Burnaby): Spicy and Numbing

Liuyishou Hotpot is one of the many Szechuan hotpot restaurants that have opened up in Vancouver over the last few years. Specializing in Chongqing-style hotpots, this is definitely more suited to diners who have a thing for spicy food.
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YuShang Hot Pot: New Hot Pot Spot

YuShang Hotpot is a relatively new hotpot place that opened up on West Broadway (near Oak) in Vancouver. The interior is fairly clean and spacious and has a generous condiment station set up near the front of the restaurant.
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Peaceful Restaurant (Kingsway): Hand-Dragged or Blade-Sheared Noodles

Peaceful Restaurant is a popular noodle house chain which recently opened a new location on Kingsway. Surprisingly, the inside of this location isn’t too small (a pet peeve of their Broadway location).
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