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Joyful Seafood Restaurant: New Chinese Restaurant in Burnaby

Joyful Seafood Restaurant is the name of the latest restaurant to occupy the spot on Kingsway in Burnaby that used to be New Starlet and Po King before that. We visited in early April and the place was already hopping on a Saturday morning (there’s not many dim sum options in Burnaby). The wait was about 30+ minutes and partly due to the fact that the restaurant is a bit smallish. The other reason was probably all of the patrons who tried to cut the line by sitting themselves down whenever they saw a table empty up.
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Lee Garden Seafood Restaurant – Easter Dim Sum

After a long stint working in the garden on a bright Sunday, we were famished and looking for some nearby dim sum. We originally headed out to Chong Lum Hin in Burnaby but realized that they had closed down.
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Chong Lum Hin Seafood – Dim Sum

Chong Lum Hin is your typical old-school Chinese restaurant located in New West.  Given that New West doesn’t have a big selection of dim sum places, Chong Lum Hin is a pretty good alternative.

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