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Queen’s Cafe by Eighteen Chefs: How Long Will it Last?

The corner of Kingsway and Salisbury in Burnaby seems like the perpetual Bermuda Triangle for restaurants… it never seems like any restaurant can make a go of it in this location.
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Shiok Singaporean Cuisine: Beef Rendang and Roti Prata

Shiok is a newish Singaporean restaurant that opened up on Kingsway in mid-2019. I dropped by for some takeout in early October. The food’s pretty good so I might wind up coming back to try their dine-in service.
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Amay’s House: Prata and Fish Cakes

One of the problems with eating out so often is that I’m always interested in trying out new restaurants but there’s just so many different cuisines that you find in Vancouver. Take, for example, Burmese food… I think the last time I had Burmese food was at the short-lived Wahh Tea on Joyce.
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BKH Jerky – Singaporean-Style Jerky

After our dim sum visit to Fraser Court Seafood Restaurant, we walked over to BKH Jerky to pick up some of their famous Singaporean-style jerky.
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Angie’s Malaysian Eatery – Bruneian Malaysian Food

Angie’s is a new Malaysian/Singaporean/Bruneian restaurant that just opened up in Burnaby. As they’re still working through their soft opening, the menu is still limited at this point while they try to work out all of the kinks.
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