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Top Shanghai Cuisine – Worst. Service. Ever.

Ok, the thing that you’ve got to know about most Chinese restaurants is that you can’t expect much in terms of service. So when you run into a restaurant which makes all of the other Chinese restaurants look like 5-star contenders, that’s saying a lot.
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Prestons – Good Hot Chocolate, Poor Eggs

While I’ve heard about Prestons for a few years now, it was honestly not my initial choice for breakfast.  I was having another one of my usual dining snafus.  I had actually planned on visiting Chewies in Coal Harbour for breakfast because their website said that they were open.  Of course, when I arrived, they were closed.  So I whipped out my phone to look for nearby restaurants and stumbled upon Prestons.

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Tamarind Hill (North Van) – Escape From the North Shore

If you’ve ever seen a zombie apocalypse movie, you’ll have an inkling of what we went through one early March weekend on the North Shore.  But before we get to that, let me explain why we were in North Vancouver in the first place.

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Dockside Restaurant – Breakfast

First off, let me just say that I really like Dockside Restaurant in Granville Island.  The food’s usually great and the service is super.  Just take a look at my last few posts here:   Dockside RestaurantDockside Restaurant Revisit – Mussels and Lamb.

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Meok Ja Gol (MJG) – Hole-in-the-Wall Korean Restaurant

Meok Ja Gol (or MJG as it is sometimes called) is the epitome of a hole-in-the-wall restaurant.  You can see the back of the restaurant from Kingsway, next to a gas station.  The actual main entrance is on Newton Street, next to a “massage parlor”.

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Dinesty Chinese Restaurant – Dim Sum

I’m not going to lie… I used to make fun of the name “Dinesty Chinese Restaurant” whenever we used to drive by it in Richmond.  Instead of a clever play on words, I figured it was just a typical Chinese misspelling that you see so often in translated signs and menus. Read the rest of this entry

Secret Garden Tea Company – High Tea

Contrary to it’s name, the Secret Garden Tea Company is hardly a secret at all… in fact, it’s one of the more popular places for High Tea (or Afternoon Tea if you want to get technical).  We made reservations for noon – and, as usual with our luck, they had some trouble finding our reservations.  Fortunately, we arrived early enough that they were still able to seat us because the tables started filling up quickly as soon as we sat down. Read the rest of this entry