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Nomad: Beef Oxtail & Onion Soup

I’ve been hearing some really good things about Nomad. This airy and industrial-chic eatery is located on the busy Main Street corridor and has tall ceilings which allow an ample amount of light to come in through their large west-facing windows.
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Dolce Gelato (White Rock): Mango!

After our lunch in White Rock, we stopped by Dolce Gelato for some ice cream because… well… it wouldn’t be a trip to White Rock without strolling down the pier with some ice cream.
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Blue Water Cafe: Seafood Tower

Blue Water Cafe, located in Yaletown, has been one of our favourite restaurants since our first visit. In the past, we’ve often enjoyed their single tier Shellfish Plateau. However, on this occasion, we set our sights on their signature Seafood Tower.
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Paradiso Gelato Bistro – Summertime Sorbet

Nothing says summer like enjoying an ice cream cone while you stroll the beach.
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Seasons in the Park (QE Park) – Reminiscing About Summer

With autumn quickly creeping up on Vancouver this year, I wanted to reminisce about our visit to Seasons in the Park back in the early parts of summer. After all, what better place is there to visit during the changing seasons in Vancouver?
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Henry’s Place (Hawaii 2016)

I mentioned on my post yesterday for Steak Shack that there’s no shortage of hole-in-the-wall eateries in Waikiki. Henry’s Place is another such establishment.
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Amato Gelato Cafe (Mario’s Gelati)

Mario’s Gelati has been around for years… I mean… a really, really, long time. Even before my first visit back in the 80’s, Mario has been serving up the tastiest gelato at their Amato Gelato Cafe as well as supplying many restaurants with their ice cream.
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Blue Water Cafe – Not Just Seafood

It took me a long time before I finally tried Blue Water Cafe and now I can’t understand why I waited so long.
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Rain or Shine Ice Cream – Malted Chocolate Honeycomb

There used to be a time when Vancouver was strictly known for our rain… we had two good months of sunny weather followed by ten months of dreary rain. Hence, the partly sarcastic nickname, “Raincouver”. I suppose global warming is finally catching up to us since this year has seemed more like “Suncouver”.
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Earnest Ice Cream (Fraser St) – Super Creamy

Earnest Ice Cream has been the darling child of the ice cream business in Vancouver since they first opened. From the use of reusable pint-sized glass jars (returnable for a $1 refund) to the simple, yet original flavours, there’s not much that you could find fault with.
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Blue Water Cafe – Shellfish Plateau and Sablefish

Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar has been on my wish list for a number of years. But since they only open for dinner service, I’ve had a difficult time planning when to drop by Yaletown.
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GI Gelato & Coffee House – Granville Island Treat

Located directly under The Sandbar, we’ve often seen the large ice cream statue that’s situated in front of the Relief boat through their large windows.  Despite coming to Granville Island on many occasions, we’ve never actually tried the gelato down here until just recently. Read the rest of this entry