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Lemonade Gluten Free Bakery – Raspberry Passion Fruit Tart

Have you ever seen that Seinfeld episode about the “Non-Fat Yogurt”? Basically, the group overindulges in yogurt that claims to be “non-fat” but, after gaining weight, Elaine suspects that it’s really not “non-fat”.
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Peninsula Seafood Restaurant

Sometime last year, Peninsula Seafood Restaurant opened up in Oakridge Centre. Oakridge has always leaned more towards the affluent shopper given the location so it’s no surprise to find a restaurant that aims to cater to these customers.

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Dutch Wooden Shoe Cafe – The Windmill Pannekoek

There’s something about the interior of the Dutch Wooden Shoe Cafe that reminds me a bit of The Diner.  I mean, sure… The Diner is British while the Dutch Wooden Shoe Cafe is, um, Dutch.  Nevertheless, the kitschy knick knacks from the Netherlands is very reminiscent of the tchotchkes at The Diner.

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U & I Thai – Garden Roll with Duck

As I mentioned on our Quattro at Whistler post, we initially had our hopes up to trying Thai in the Village while we were at Whistler but it turns out that they were closed.  When we got back to Vancouver, we still had a craving for Thai food so we hit up U & I Thai on Cambie since we really liked their Red Curry Duck with Lychee dish. Read the rest of this entry

Seasons in the Park – Picturesque Views from QE Park

The highest spot in Vancouver is Queen Elizabeth Park located in an area appropriately called Little Mountain.  It’s actually named for Queen Eliabeth II’s mother, the Queen Mother (not to be confused with Queen Elizabeth I) and is a popular tourist spot due to the expansive views of the city and their famous sunken gardens. Read the rest of this entry

The Mighty Oak – More Than Just a Grocery Store

After finishing off an early morning meal at Slickity Jim’s, I headed down to 18th and Columbia to an interesting corner store called The Mighty Oak. Read the rest of this entry

U & I Thai – Red Curry Duck with Lychee

Just before Christmas last year, we were making a concerted effort to avoid shopping at malls due to all of the crowds.  We found ourselves around the Cambie area and I remembered that there was a new Thai restaurant that opened up in the old SalaThai spot.

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Lemonade Gluten Free Bakery – When Life Gives You Lemons…

During our visit to U & I Thai on Cambie last December, we noticed a bakery across the street had recently opened up.  The thing that made us take notice was that it was a gluten free bakery.  I know… that’s like a Thai restaurant without curry.

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Pied-à-Terre Bistro – Beef Cheek Bourguignon

After having some seriously great French food at Mistral French Bistro and Bistrot Bistro previously, I’ve been thinking of trying out Pied-à-Terre on Cambie for a while.  Literally translated to “foot on the ground”, the term pied-à-terre has come to mean a secondary home… to me, it just means a great place to pick up some tasty French food. Read the rest of this entry

Saint Germain Bakery (Oakridge) – Macaroons or Macarons?

Did you know that you can get French-style macarons at Saint Germain Bakery?  Is it “macaron” or “macaroon”?   I always think of a macaroon as those small little coconut cookies you get at Safeway.

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Fortune Restaurant – Dim Sum

Fortune Restaurant (not to be confused with Fortune House Seafood in Metrotown) is in a bit of an odd location at Oakridge Mall.  While there is an outside entrance on Cambie Street, the easiest way to get into the restaurant is through the mall parking lot.  Even if you’re in the mall, the best way to get to the restaurant is through an out-of-the-way door (next to the movie theatre) that leads to the parkade.  Read the rest of this entry

Taco Luis (Oakridge) – Taco Salad

Taco Luis has had an outlet at Lansdowne Centre for a while and has been a favourite place for us to pick up a great taco salad so we were pleasantly surprised to see that they opened another store in Oakridge. Read the rest of this entry