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Viet Mama Cafe: Bánh Cuốn and Spring Rolls

Something that seems to have picked up more steam in the Vancouver food scene lately is bánh cuốn. Similar to Chinese rice rolls, bánh cuốn rice sheets tend to be much thinner and more delicate. I decided to try the ones at Viet Mama Cafe on Victoria Drive as I’ve been hearing good things about this place.
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Pho Century Fine Vietnamese Cuisine: Solid Viet Food in South Burnaby

Okay, it’s been about 7 years since I last visited Pho Century (geez, I feel old now). Located on the corner of Kingsway and Sperling (and next to Mr. Ho’s Wonton House), I had completely forgotten how the food was like here so I thought I should pay them a revisit.
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Pho Pho You: Busy Vietnamese Restaurant in New West

There was a time when you could count the number of Vietnamese restaurants in New Westminster on one hand. Well, that’s certainly changed. Take, for instance, Pho Pho You which opened up in late 2016 in the heart of downtown (right along Columbia St).
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Love of Pho: Bun Bo Hue

Do you love pho? Whether you pronounce it “fo”, “fuh”, or something in between, it’s definitely a popular Vietnamese dish in Vancouver. Lately, however, I’ve been focusing more on Bun Bo Hue which is a similar but spicier rice noodle soup.
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Pho Chan: Solid Vietnamese Food in New West

Pho Chan is a newish (well, newish to me) Vietnamese restaurant that’s located in the former Salty’s Fish & Chips site in Royal Square Mall in New Westminster.
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Miss Saigon Vietnamese Bistro – Charming Vietnamese Fare

Miss Saigon is a newish restaurant located on Kingsway across from Metropolis at Metrotown. Since Saigon was the former name of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, it’s no surprise that this restaurant serves up Vietnamese fare.
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My Toan (Oakridge Centre)

My Toan is a little Vietnamese food stall located in Oakridge Centre. I’m probably dating myself here… but I remember back when Oakridge was an open-air mall.
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Purple Lotus – Vietnamese in New West

No, Purple Lotus has nothing to do with Barney or yoga. Instead, it’s a Vietnamese restaurant located in New West along 12th Street.  In keeping with their name, however, the interior does have many shades of purple but suffers from looking a bit dated.  Read the rest of this entry