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The Teahouse – Scenic Views and Seafood Galore

The Teahouse makes the perfect pit stop while enjoying the dazzling views from Stanley Park. We stopped by for a visit last June after hiking around Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver. After a short jaunt across the Lion’s Gate Bridge, we luckily found parking right outside the restaurant.
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Fish House in Stanley Park – Afternoon Tea

If you’re looking to do Afternoon Tea in Stanley Park, where should you go? Your first guess would probably be at The Teahouse in Stanley Park… actually, I’m not even sure if they do Afternoon Tea at The Teahouse. No, this post is on Afternoon Tea at the Fish House in Stanley Park.
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Fish House in Stanley Park

Back in November of last year, we stopped by the Fish House in Stanley Park for lunch.  It’s been years since we last visited this restaurant located next to the tennis courts.  Being a touristy spot, I was worried that it would be busy at lunchtime but I guess the rain kept everyone away because we were the first ones there (a few diners did eventually arrive a bit later).

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The Teahouse – Summertime Lunch

We decided to have a day of feasting this summer.  I know, you’re probably thinking, “How is that different from any other day?”  Well, we decided to start off at The Teahouse.  We had very fond memories of our last visit to The Teahouse when we had some of the best mussels we’ve experienced in Vancouver so we always knew that we wanted to come back for a revisit. Read the rest of this entry