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Seasons in the Park (QE Park) – Reminiscing About Summer

With autumn quickly creeping up on Vancouver this year, I wanted to reminisce about our visit to Seasons in the Park back in the early parts of summer. After all, what better place is there to visit during the changing seasons in Vancouver?
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S+L Kitchen & Bar – Roasted Bone Marrow

S+L Kitchen & Bar is a newish restaurant (part of the Joseph Richard Group of restaurants) that’s located in Langley with a refreshing menu offering.
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Champion’s Steak & Seafood (Hawaii 2016)

Champion’s Steak & Seafood is a food stall located in the Royal Hawaiian Center in Waikiki. True to their name, they offer steak and seafood options.
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Steak Shack (Hawaii 2016) – Beachfront Steak and Chicken

Waikiki is known for having many upscale restaurants. There’s also a proliferation of hole-in-the-wall food stalls serving up quality eats. Take, for example, Steak Shack.
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Gotham Steakhouse – Bone-In Rib Steak

I love me some steak! So I finally got to try out Gotham Steakhouse in December and have to say that the food was pretty good.
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Blue Water Cafe – Not Just Seafood

It took me a long time before I finally tried Blue Water Cafe and now I can’t understand why I waited so long.
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Joey Burnaby – Stress Release Part 2

In Part 1 of our ode to stress relief, we visited Joey Broadway to drown our sorrows – I guess we were more stressed than we realized because we immediately made plans to visit Joey Burnaby the following night.  We started out our night with a virgin Mojito and a Really Fuzzy Navel – the Fuzzy Navel has slightly more alcohol than the Stiff Lemonade (2 oz vs. 1.25 oz). Read the rest of this entry

Salmon House on the Hill – West Coast Feast

What time is it?  It’s time for a West Coast Feast at the Salmon House on the Hill.  Until the end of the month, the Salmon House is offering up a 3-course dinner for $29.95 Read the rest of this entry

Milestones Grill and Bar (Crossroads) – The Cookie

One of the things that I like about Milestones is that, although they are known for their bellinis, they also serve a number of tasty non-alcoholic drinks like their Real Pop – a blend of pineapple, orange, and pomegranate juice with a splash of soda.  It’s a very tasty and refreshing concoction. Read the rest of this entry