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Dragon Group Seafood Restaurant: Tasty Dim Sum in Richmond

Dragon Group Seafood Restaurant is located on the busy corner of Alderbridge and Garden City Road in Richmond – and I’ve got to say, they have a really confounding parking lot – I kept driving around trying how to find how to get into the parking lot before figuring out I had to enter from the backside (that’s why she said).
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Dynasty Seafood Restaurant: Dim Sum

Have you ever noticed that the names of Chinese restaurants all sound the same? Take, for example, “Dynasty Seafood Restaurant”… could this be any more typical of a Chinese restaurant name? In any event, Dynasty (not to be confused with Dinesty) is a popular and well received restaurant located on West Broadway in Vancouver. There is free underground parking, just remember not to pay at the machine (tell them your license plate number and stall number when you go to the restaurant).
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Bao Bakery: Apple Tarts and Buns

I’m going to take you back in time… back to the eighties – a time when shoulder pads and fob hairstyles peppered the landscape. It was a time when Chinatown was actually full of Chinese people; buying groceries, dining in Chinese restaurants, and buying Chinese pastries.
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Come Along Seafood Restaurant: Dim Sum Revisit

Come along with us for a revist to Come Along Seafood Restaurant for some tasty dim sum dishes. This restaurant is pretty solid for Chinese food, which explains why they always seem busy.
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Chef Tony – Line Up for Dim Sum

Generally speaking, we’re not the kind of people that line up for restaurants anymore… if we do, it better be darn good. And if you see us lining up for dim sum, it probably means we woke up late (after all, there are tons of places to have dim sum and we prefer eating early to avoid the rush).
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Star Anise Restaurant – Dim Sum

Star Anise opened up recently in April in the old Samosa Garden location on Kingsway.  I’m not entirely sure if our visit was representative of their regular service or if it’s just because they were still working some of the kinks out so you may want to take this review with a grain of salt. Read the rest of this entry

Shi-Art Chinese Cuisine – Dim Sum

We’ve walked past Shi-Art Chinese Cuisine whenever we head down to Richmond Centre but we’ve never ventured in until recently.  Our dim sum didn’t start out too well but it did get better as the meal progressed. Read the rest of this entry