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Neptune Palace Seafood Restaurant: Fancy Dim Sum

We only recently noticed that the extravagantly large restaurant located on the 2nd floor of the Marine Gateway complex had changed from Ban Dao Peal to Neptune Palace Seafood Restaurant so we decided to pop in for a visit. The interior is expansive and impressive, right down to the blingy columns and the plush carpeting. The nice thing is that you don’t feel squished in like some smaller restaurants.
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Continental Seafood Restaurant: Push Cart Dim Sum in Richmond

Continental Seafood is quite a large and spacious Chinese restaurant located in Richmond and they are one of the few dim sum restaurants that still use push carts. Apparently, they also have menus that you can order from but we didn’t receive a menu and had to rely on their push cart service.
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The Jade Seafood Restaurant: New Digs but Hit-and-Miss Dim Sum

Not too long ago, The Jade Seafood Restaurant re-opened in their new digs on No. 3 Road so we decided to pay them a visit when we had a hankering for some dim sum during the Thanksgiving long weekend.
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Phoenix Garden Chinese Seafood Restaurant: Dim Sum

Phoenix Garden is a long-standing Chinese seafood restaurant located on Nanaimo Street between Broadway and East 8th Avenue. The interior is rather cramped but we managed to squeeze into a cozy table for 2 by the window.
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Dragon View Chinese Cuisine: Dim Sum

Dragon View Chinese Cuisine is located on the second floor of Continental Shopping Centre in Richmond and has a pleasant looking interior with interesting chandeliers that, to me, resembled the round leaves of a money tree (lunaria annua). There’s also a large floral mural on one wall made up of tiny metallic and glass tiles.
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Tim Ho Wan (Hawaii 2018): Dim Sum in Waikiki

Shortly before our trip to Hawaii this year, we heard that they opened a Tim Ho Wan in Waikiki. This chain of Chinese dim sum restaurants first originated in Hong Kong and became known as the cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant after a few of their branches earned one Michelin star.
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