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The Cannery Cafe – Nice Breakfast Spot in Steveston

The Cannery Cafe in Steveston is probably best known for serving as the location of Granny’s Diner in the TV show Once Upon A Time. When I arrived here for breakfast one morning, I was actually surprised that the interior doesn’t resemble the set on OUAT.
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Pajo’s Fish & Chips (Garry Point)

Most visitors to Steveston know of Pajo’s on the Steveston Wharf.  It’s hard to miss the bright yellow umbrellas and the droves of customers lining up for freshly fried seafood.  What you might not know is that only a few blocks over in the nearby Garry Point Park is another Pajo’s location.

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La Chocolaterie – Coconama

While we were down at the Steveston Farmers Market in July, we came across a tent from La Chocolaterie (normally located in the Izumi-Ya Marketplace).

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Screamers Soft Serve and Treats

If you’re out in Steveston during the summer months, one place you have to make sure you stop by is Screamers Soft Serve and Treats. Read the rest of this entry

Golden Crust – Pocket Pie

We were out at the Steveston Farmers Market in July with Sophie and came across this little tent serving up Pocket Pies. Read the rest of this entry

Lulu’s Hawaiian Shave Ice (Steveston Farmers Market)

Nothing says summer more than shave ice.  If you’ve never been to Hawaii before, you’re probably wondering how this differs from a regular snow cone.  Unlike a snow cone which uses crushed ice, shave ice has much finer ice which absorbs the syrups better.

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Pajo’s Fish & Chips (Steveston Wharf)

It’s been a few years since I first ate at Pajo’s down on the Steveston Wharf but I’ve been determined to come back.  It’s just that Steveston is a bit of a drive for me and, being an outdoor eatery, it’s best to save this for a sunny day.  Read the rest of this entry

Outpost Mini Donut Co

Who doesn’t love mini donuts?  Along with funnel cakes and deep fried oreos, they are the main reason why we go to the PNE.

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Hog Shack Cook House – BBQ in Steveston

Just to be clear, I’m not a BBQ aficionado… “Kansas City” style BBQ?  I honestly have no clue.  My level of BBQ knowledge is pretty much summarized by the few months of the year that we fire up the grill in the backyard.  That’s not to say that I don’t know what I like though.  Read the rest of this entry

Bell’s Bake Shop – Buttercream Goodness

I had originally wanted to try Outpost Mini Donut Co. out in Storybrooke, er, I mean Steveston, but they were closed (despite their facebook page saying they open at 10am everyday)… grrr!  Hate it when someone’s website has incorrect information.  Fortunately, I did have a fall back plan on this bright and sunny Saturday morning… namely Bell’s Bake Shop. Read the rest of this entry

The Sweet Spot Bakery

A number of years ago, we used to visit Steveston quite often on the weekends to shop at some of the quaint shops.  As more and more shops closed down over the years, our visits became fewer and far between.  It seems, however, that there is a bit of invigoration within the community lately.  Perhaps it’s the prominent faux Storybrooke shops used in the Once Upon a Time tv show that’s drawing more people here. Read the rest of this entry

Kari House Restaurant – Malaysian Food in Steveston

There’s a ton of places to find fish and chips in Steveston but what do you do if you have a hankering for something a little different?  What about Malaysian food on the pier?  Fortunately, the one Malaysian restaurant in Steveston happens to be right on the pier (albeit a bit hidden) located near the Hog Shack.

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