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Lisa Lou’s Chocolate Bar: Ice Cream Sandwiches

Okay, who can really resist a beautiful ice cream sandwich?
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Beta5 Chocolates – Spring 2016 Eclair Collection

I’m really falling behind in some of my blog posts… here we are in the middle of summer and I’m just getting to this post about Beta 5’s Spring Collection.
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BETA5 Chocolates – Cream Puffs, Ice Cream Sandwiches, and Caramels

If you live in Vancouver and check out Instagram, you’ve probably seen all of the cool pics of mega-thick ice cream sandwiches from Beta5.
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Pink Pearl Chinese Restaurant – Nostalgic Dim Sum

There was a time when the words “dim sum” meant heading down to Chinatown… places like Ming’s in the heart of Chinatown would have lineups that stretched down their staircase (when I was a kid, I thought their staircase was enormous). After a while, the Chinese restaurants spread out (with many heading to Richmond).
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La Casa Gelato

Back when we used to go to school in the area, La Casa Gelato used to be located on Commercial Dr near Trout Lake.  It wasn’t until 1994 that they moved to Venables and cultivated a line up that rivaled their growing selection of gelato and sorbetto flavours.

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Au Petit Chavignol – In Search of Mac ‘n Cheese and Grilled Cheese Sandwich (Part 2)

As soon as I picked up my order from The Mac Shack, I headed down to East Van to go to Au Petit Chavignol to see how they compare.  You might be wondering what would possess me to have mac ‘n cheese at two different restaurants within the same day… alas, such is my devotion to the one true culinary wonder of the world… that, and I’ve way too much time on my hand. Read the rest of this entry

Benny’s Market – Beer Sausage

Last in our lineup of revisits for now is Benny’s Market.

Located on the corner of Union St. and Princess Ave. in Strathcona, Benny’s Market serves more than just their signature Benny Burger.  Read the rest of this entry

Benny’s Market

Anyone who lives/lived in the Strathcona area of Vancouver knows Benny’s Market. Located at the corner of Union and Princess, Benny’s Market is an Italian speciality food store… but more importantly, a great little deli that serves their signature sandwich… the Benny Burger.

Now you might be wondering exactly what a Benny Burger is… well, it’s not really a “burger”.  A few years ago when I first visited the place, the owner explained that the origins of the Benny Burger started many years before.  Located a few blocks away from Strathcona Elementary, they noticed that kids would come by during lunch time and buy chips or other junk food with thier lunch money.  Wanting to see these kids get a more nutritious meal, they started offering a small sandwich to these kids at a very low cost.  Read the rest of this entry