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White Spot (Maple Ridge) – Strawberry Milkshake

At the end of July, we made the mistake of heading out to Maple Ride for a game of paintball. After the first game (and getting shot point-blank in the heel by friendly-fire), we called it quits and I hobbled over to White Spot to drown my sorrows in a big milkshake.
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The Cannibal Cafe – Bacon Bad Burger

The Cannibal Cafe’s been on my list of places to visit on The Drive for a while… mainly for the thick milkshakes that I’ve heard about.
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ABC Country Restaurant (North Burnaby) – Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese

It’s been many moons since the last time we dined at an ABC Country Restaurant.  I suppose one of the reasons why we never returned was because there’s always been a bit of a stigma attached to ABC.  Read the rest of this entry